CLIENT: Cheryl Janis Designs

PROJECT: Design and create a new brand and identity for Cheryl Janis Designs, an interior design firm with a focus on creating spaces for physicians who wish to provide their patients a soothing and healing experience when they visit their doctor.

Cheryl wanted to retain her existing logo symbol but expand her mark to include the stylized look of a signature – which would convey the type of personal attention she offers to her clients.

Over the years, Cheryl and I have collaborated on numerous projects in both the web and print spaces. You can see more of that work below.

A New Identity

Featured Image:
A new business
card featuring a
new identity for
Cheryl Janis Designs.

New technologies in web space building such as Squarespace and Wix allow business owners to create their own presence on-line. It was nice of Cheryl to include me in developing the cornerstone of her new business identity.

CLIENT: Cheryl Janis Designs

PROJECT: When Cheryl and I first became acquainted, we worked on developing her brand and identity as well as the web space, business cards, stationary and advertising that would represent her.

Cheryl is an incredibly creative person who has tremendous vision and a keen sense of self. Her ability to communicate what she wanted made developing the work we created very successful.

The website included a slide show set to music which gave a teasing glimpse in to what kind of style and design philosophy sets Cheryl apart. I hope to have that viewable in the near future.

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CLIENT: Cheryl Janis Designs

PROJECT: When Cheryl began her blog, Planet Pink n Green, or PPnG for short, she generously asked me to help and it was a great and fulfilling opportunity.  We collaborated on the overall look and feel including color palette, icons, header, footer, etc., looking to key on the textures that make this earth such an amazing and beautiful place.

Over the course of its life, her blog became extremely successful and developed a great following.

CLIENT: Fast Forward Green

PROJECT: When Cheryl Janis teamed up with Cynthia Michel, a public relations guru and "marketing mystic", they began their collaboration on the venture Fast Forward Green and tasked me with the creation of their brand identity.

The venture is envisioned to be a clearinghouse for environmentally friendly products and services that includes an affinity program that generates savings and rewards for its users. At this time, the project remains under development.

Planet Pink n Green

Fast Forward Green



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