It started with a spark...


PROJECT: Conceptualize an advertising campaign that centers on the installer's experience and brand loyalty to DENSO products.

DENSO was the first company to introduce a spark plug which featured Iridium on it's tip. However, DENSO has grown its product line to include a multitude of products. Thus, the genesis of the first ad featured above, which teases the spark plug but pays off the entire product line.

When I first wrote the headline, it read,

"It started with a spark, but it's our entire
product line that generates the buzz".

In the end, that had to give way and was revised but I think we managed to keep the original sentiment.

The rest of the ads in the series featured testimonials with actual automotive technicians speaking about their experience with DENSO products. The technicians were shot on location in the facilities where they worked.

Art Director: Michael Taylor

Copywriter: Michael Taylor

Photographer: Steve Pollock / Pollock Studios

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